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Polished Concrete Perth

Why you should get concrete grinding & polishing?
Grinding and shining concrete is an art to get a smooth and shiny surface with ease. This process can be performed in residential and commercial buildings. The most common aim associated with such services is to give concrete an attractive look with ease. Well, concrete polishing is the end stage of concrete grinding which enhances the look of the concrete floor while concrete grinding & polishing being used to level the concrete in a perfect way.
Why it is important to get concrete grinding & polishing?
Well, there are plenty of benefits of getting concrete grinding & polishing. Here are some of the most important benefits which will let you know why this process is important to consider.

  1. Enhanced durability: Polished concrete Perth is providing all of the benefits of concrete surface including enhanced durability. Perfect grinding and polishing of concrete surface can make it able to last for a longer period of time and it will hold up concrete floors well.
  2. Attractive appeal: concrete grinding & polishing can bring natural beauty to every concrete surface. Even polishing has the ability to give your concrete floor an attractive look just like high end polished stone surface. Polished concrete Perth has the ability to provide a beautiful and stylish look to your property which you can experience for years with ease. Auscut & Core can provide the best services in this field.
  3. Low cost: Concrete polishing and concrete cutting Perth has the ability to provide your floor a similar look to the expensive surface material. However, the entire process of polished concrete Perth is highly affordable because you can be done with concrete grinding & polishing with limited time and by serving reasonable price with ease.
  4. Low maintenance: As concrete grinding & polishing are enhancing the durability of your surface then it means you do not have to pay much for this and can get rid of extra maintenance costs for a longer period of time with ease.
  5. High gloss and perfectly reflective surface: concrete grinding & polishing can create high gloss surfaces which will reflect light. Concrete cutting Perth will surely help you to create environmental friendly effects and will let you reduce the cost of lighting even in the large buildings too.
    Although this is one of the best processes to get a perfectly attractive look of a concrete floor but it required heavy machinery and perfect skills to get the process done. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire a professional service provider for this task. Auscut & Core is the best company around the town who are providing perfect concrete grinding & polishing services.
    You can contact us for any of your residential or commercial concrete polishing and grinding process. Auscut & Core is providing high-quality services at an affordable price range so that you can get perfect results with ease. We knew the importance of your time and money which you have to spend on the services therefore, we are offering timely and tidy services. We have years of experience in the field so you do not have to worry about the end results. It is because we knew how to meet your expectations in the best possible way.

Win 2 FREE Justin Bieber Tickets!

he Australian and New Zealand leg of the Justin Bieber – Purpose World Tour will kick off at Perth’s nib Stadium on Monday 6 March 2017 before making its way through Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland. Bieber will be joined at all shows by EDM’s youngest superstar Martin Garrix.

It’s no surprise that Justin Bieber Perth concert has sold out in 3 minutes & many fans missed out, IndustryTIX is giving away 2 FREE “A Reserve” tickets for Justin Bieber Perth concert!

How to enter the draw to win?

Full details on IndustryTIX website.

Win Justin Bieber tickets

Cuban Club 2017 & Breakfest Industry Tickets

Well overdue update for Industry Tickets as I’ve been a bit pre-occupied with other projects but given the TORRENT of new Industry Tickets up for sale, this one has been worth waiting for!

Cuban Club 2017

Perth’s original and still the best New Year’s Day party – Cuban Club is all about enjoying your New Years Day in absolute style.

Perth’s premier New Year’s Day party returns with supreme style for its 9th installment, this time whisking you away for a luxurious summer’s day inspired by the legendary Palm Springs.

Industry tickets: $260

» full event info & tickets
Cuban Club 2017


Good times done well.
The only thing increasing is excitement and value – not the ticket price.
These are reasons Breakfest is known as #BestDayEver in the events & entertainment industry of WA!

Industry tickets: $95

» full event info & tickets

Breakfest 2016


Sets is back in a BIG way and our new Port Beach home lets us bring so much more to the table! More space, more stages, more bars, more tunes, beach chill zones, babe stations, ridiculous views, hidden treasures and oh so much more.

Industry tickets: $70

» full event info & tickets

Sets on the beach 2016


From the people who brought you, ALL MY FRIENDS & LIKE MINDED PEOPLE comes a new boutique event.

We are thrilled to announce DEEP VALLEY, the little festival in the hills of Perth.

Industry tickets: $65

» full event info & tickets



After recently dropping snippets from the line-up, including Hermitude and a plethora of WA’s finest, Southbound 2016 has added a huge stack of names resulting in the most artists in the festival’s history. And there are still more to be announced!

Take a huge breath in before absorbing the artists that will take to the stages over the brand new post-Christmas, pre-New Years dates for Southbound 2016.

Industry tickets: $150-235
» full event info & tickets


Oktoberfest Melbourne Sydney & Perth

From the people who brought you, ALL MY FRIENDS & LIKE MINDED PEOPLE comes a new boutique event.

We are thrilled to announce DEEP VALLEY, the little festival in the hills of Perth.

Industry tickets: $64.95

» full event info & tickets

Oktoberfest Sydney

Electric Gardens @ Matisse Beach Club

We’re thrilled to announce New York house music legend DJ David Morales will be playing poolside at our Electric Gardens Festival Launch Party when we take over Matisse Beach Club for the ultimate Sunday session. Morales will be ably supported by a carefully selected group of local legends who will take you on a journey through all things House.

Industry tickets: $30

» full event info & tickets


20% Cashback on Qantas Flights booked with AMEX card!

Book your next 3 Qantas flights with your AMEX Card before 24 Nov 2016 and get 20% Cashback from American express (up to $200 max!)

See full details below!

If you are not yet a member and want to get a free domestic flight every year + claim the below cashbacks, you can apply for the Amex Credit Card with free flight (which includes the below offer) & if you need to know about all the perks of the card check out my post on how to Never Pay for a flight again.

20% Cashback on Qantas flights booked with your American Express Card

20% Cashback on Qantas flights booked with your American Express Card.

House Build #2 design all finished – ready for construction!

Project update blog for new house build!

Location: St John’s Wood Estate Mt Claremont – St John’s Wood
Design: Blend Residentail Designs – www.blenddesigns.com.au
Builder: 5TH Avenue Homes – www.5thavenuehomes.com.au

Sign up! Council planning development approved!


St Johns Wood Drone Flyover by 5TH Avenue Homes

HOW TO: Never pay for a flight again, EVER.

Travel interstate in Australia once a year as a minimum? Keep reading for an offer from Amex that almost everyone that  is too good to be true, but is 1000% the real deal. Over the last 5 years since I’ve been using this card & getting 1 free return flight every single year (not needing any frequent flyer points, no taxes to pay and includes 23KG baggage)  everyone I told about it has without a fail asked ‘Whats the catch?’ right away. – When you have finished this and you’re ready to grab it – click this link to get the American Express Platinum Edge Card.


So what is the catch?
Just like with everything in life, there is a catch.

But is nowhere near as big as what you might assume. The catch is that the credit card carries a $195 annual fee per year.

If you fly often and do the math, an average interstate flight Perth – Melb or Sydney is usually around $500 on average + by the time you select a seat and add on credit card charges it usually comes to around $550-600.

That covers 1 FREE Domestic flight every year.


What about International flights?

American Express rewards members who refer friends & family. Seriously though, how hard is it to get someone to jump onboard to get a free flight for cost of an annual fee that they likely pay with their current credit card anyway?

This is where American Express offers is a gold mine. 

Currently they are offering 30,000 referral points to existing members who refer an Amex credit card to a friend who uses their own referral link (available from the American Express online baking portal).  The new member that uses their friend’s link to sign up, gets 15,000 bonus points (if they use generic link on website they only get 10,000 so it is more beneficial to get referred) on top of the FREE Flight every year and then has their own referral link to send. Most people I’ve shown this offer have gotten at least 2 others straight away to enroll – claiming an additional 60,000 Rewards Points, bringing their total to 75,000.

What Frequent Flyer partners can you transfer points to?
 American Express Frequent flyer partnersJust about any major airline operating out of Australia (plus their partners). My tip is to get Asia Miles membership and transfer to Asia Miles for your future bookings. Asia Miles is the Frequent Flyer program of  Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific Airline BUT with AsiaMiles membership you can book flights on Cathay, Qantas, Qatar,  British Airways, Air NZ, American Airlines – list goes on.

How do you Redeem Asia Miles for Qantas or Qatar Flights?
To redeem your points for a free flight on a partner airline is done by logging into Asia Miles account online, searching for flight as you normally would, and list of every partner available flights on those routes will show up to choose from.

Flight Availability

QR: Qatar Airways | CX: Cathay Pacific | QF: Qantas | BA: British Airways

Which Airline is the best to fly with?
I would suggest doing some research online when you decide where you are going and see which airline flies the routes etc. Below is list of previous year’s overall rankings, safety record & also Business class rankings.

Global Airline rankings

Global Airline rankings 2014 & 2015.

So where does 75,000 points get you to if used with Asia Miles??
Just about anywhere!

30,000 pts – Free return flight Perth to anywhere on the East Coast or Singapore.
60,000 pts – Gets you from Perth to Hawaii or Sydney to Los Angeles
Tip: You can use your FREE Domestic Flight to fly Perth – Sydney then use 60,000 pts to get a return flight to Los Angeles :)

Where you can go with 75,000 points or less?

If you want to know more about other perks of this card (there are DOZENS!!) read my previous post from earlier this year!

Give me this card already!



How to accidentally land an unneeded job?

The last 10 months since I quit my full time corporate job of 7 years to focus on building a Network Marketing business with Isagenix have been absolute dream! Working from home while watching live NBA games, walking the pugs on coffee dates to our local at Little Sisto and slothing around has been nothing short of a man’s version of living the dream. Given the extra time invested in building our Isagenix  team and helping them grow their business has been challenging at times but at the same time very very rewarding.

So why the new role then?

I'll take the job - Cosmo Kramer

For the past 7 years during the summer months (November-March) my 2 best mates Luke & Rob run a series of MAiKO Raftups in Perth and have over the years become very good mates with Dave Hancock who owns Wetspot Charters. Dave is one of those guys that makes more money than he can spend   but always cries poor trying to hustle us for extra
money for using his BBQ on the Raftups then add on a cleaning levy. So when Dave started moaning that he wants some time off and needs someone to run the company for him, I jokingly said to him that I’m the best man for the job – one hustler replacing the other. Before I had a chance to even laugh about it, Dave started forwarding me all his business emails/booking forms/email contacts and proclaimed I start 1st of February!

Once I weighed it up and assessed it all properly – Love a good hustle, love boats & boat charters, love organizing events and networking so what better way to do it than running a boat charter company! Especially given that I was looking to buy a boat, I’ll now pocket that money as he is giving me full use of his own overnight boat that gets to Rottnest in 20mins :)

On top of it all – he has even given me an embarrassing & super wanky ‘job title’ of General Manager but what that really means is if you need to hire a luxury charter boat for a work function, birthday, hens cruise on the river or anything else… I’m just a guy to make that happen with minimal effort on your part!
Need to hire a charter boat?
First order of business is to revamp the existing business websites that look like they were made before the internet existed!




The team of superstars that brings you the best beach party Perth has ever seen are stepping things up a notch!

THIS Saturday, Sets On The Beach team is moving the party from the beach to the City!!

THE VENUE: The Balcony of Perth Concert Hall!!

TICKETS: Only $40 via this special Sets in the City discount offer link at IndustryTIX  website discount offer link
Your tickets will be processed via the Ticketmaster link above and print your tickets right away!  Read More →

Opportunity that comes once in a lifetime

Hosted by: Erik Coover and Peta Kelly

It’s not every day an opportunity like this comes around.  This is your opportunity, a gift, to be able to hear straight from the source and the heart of the #1 Health & Wellness company about why the company was started up, where it currently is, where it is heading and most importantly how you can get involved and what it can do for you.

  • Have you been sitting on the sidelines looking in, wanting more info but not knowing if its your thing?
  • Have you heard about Isagenix but not really known all the facts, or the real truth?
  • Are you willing to invest 1 hour of your life to hear about an opportunity that can change the rest of your life?
  • Are you ready to fall in love with a profession you never even considered before?

It took me 18 months to finally decide to hear it out and to say its changed my life would be a massive understatement. In fact it would be hard to put in words just the opportunity that this company presents, but you can see a glimpse of it at any of the locations listed below. Read more here.

Erik Coover & Peta Kelly

Erik Coover & Peta Kelly

Erik Coover:

Son of the Co Founders Jim and Kathy Coover. Founder of the Start Your Life Movement. The future CEO of the company that has been there from Day 1. Can you think of the last time the future CEO of a Multi Billion Dollar company came down to personally present an opportunity to help change your life?

Peta Kelly:

Youngest ever Isagenix Millionaire at age 26. Right here from Perth, Western Australia. Enough said.

TICKETS: Tickets are strictly limited and cost $25. I will personally buy a ticket for anyone that is committed to coming down. If you have dinner plans or catch up or Personal training sessions that you cant change/cancel for the sake of an event that comes once in a lifetime, this event isn’t for you. If you’re ready, drop me a line.

If you are serious and ready to go, I encourage you to bring down 5 friends (or as many as you can) that you would want to work with if you were running your own million dollar business.

Isagenix breakthrough event flyer

PERTH, WA – 2 November,  Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
6:00pm-7:00pm – Opportunity Meeting
7:30-9:00pm – New Associate Orientation

ADELAIDE, SA – 5 November, Convention Hall L, Adelaide Convention Centre
6:00pm-7:00pm – Opportunity Meeting
7:30-9:00pm – New Associate Orientation

AUCKLAND, NZ – 7 November, The Princess Ballroom, Pullman Hotel
1:00pm-2:00pm – Opportunity Meeting
2:30pm-4:30pm – New Associate Orientation

MELBOURNE, VIC – 9 November, Plenary 3, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
6:00pm-7:00pm – Opportunity Meeting
7:30-9:00pm – New Associate Orientation

SYDNEY, NSW – 10 November, Roundhouse, University of New South Wales
6:00pm-7:00pm – Opportunity Meeting
7:30-9:00pm – New Associate Orientation

BRISBANE, QLD – 13 November, Ballroom Le Grand, Sofitel Brisbane Central
6:00pm-7:00pm – Opportunity Meeting
7:30-9:00pm – New Associate Orientation

Video: Why Isagenix?

START Your Life Movement for 18-35 year olds

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